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Mizrahi Diamonds

Professional Jewelry Cleaner

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6 fl. oz (177 ml) of fine jewelry cleaner specially formulated to clean fine gold and platinum jewelry.

Use the same jewelry cleaner we use in-house and keep your diamonds free from oils and other impurities. 

Our cleaner is formulated to safely clean gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, Diamonds, and CZ. 

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: We use premium ingredients not found in other lesser quality discount solutions.

Keep your jewelry shinny and clean like the first day you bought it!

  • Use the included brush to reach hard to get places and eliminate the need for ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Soak your jewelry overnight for extra shine. 

  • Will clean; diamond, gold and platinum Jewelry. 

Note: Do not use on pearls or other porous gemstones.