The Pink Diamond of Beverly Hills

Discover the story of this absolutely unique stone.
5.59 carat Fancy Light Pink Flawless Type II A

Scientist classify diamonds into two main “types” – type I and type II – based on the presence or absence of nitrogen which can replace carbon atoms in a diamond’s atomic structure. These two diamond types can be distinguished on the basis of differences in their chemical and physical properties. Type II diamonds contain little if any nitrogen and they are subdivided into two groups (lla and llb) both of which are quite rare (less than 2% of all gem diamonds).

According to the records of GIA laboratory, the 5.59 carat Cut-cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant diamond described in GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report #1176228039 has been determined to be a type lla pink diamond. Type lla pink diamonds are very rare in nature, often have relatively few inclusions and are noted for their mostly homogeneous color in the rough. Unlike many other colored diamonds, the color in pink can not only be caused by impurities, but it may also be a result of diamond’s exposure to heat and pressure during transportation into the earth’s crust. Type lla pinks have been found in a number of mining regions around the world. Historically they were found in India (particularly from Golconda region) and, in more recent times, most notably from Brazil and Africa.

Among famous gem diamonds, the 70.39 carat Express Rose and the 28.15 carat Agra are examples of type lla pinks.


GIA Certificate

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