Mizrahi Diamond Company

In 1968 right after finishing his army service, Moti Mizrahi began his career at the early age of 21 as a diamond cutter in Antwerp, Belgium. 

 In 1972 utilizing his skills as a master diamond cutter he established Mizrahi Diamond Company, a manufacturing, importing and exporting diamond firm specializing in unique gems with a focus on excellent cut and craftsmanship.   

In 2002 his son decided to follow his father’s foot steps and embark on a career expanding the company to the USA they decided to open the flagship office in the heart of the jewelry district in Los Angeles, CA. 

After a decade of supplying numerous jewlers and wholesalers in the Los Angeles Jewelry District with loose diamonds Mizrahi realized that the craftsmanship of jewelry manufactured did not meet their high standards and decided to start designing and manufacturing their own jewelry to meet the unparalleled quality of their loose diamonds. 

2015: Mizrahi moved their main offices from Downtown Los Angeles to open their direct-to-consumer boutique in the heart of Beverly Hills just  steps away from Rodeo Drive. 

2019: Mizrahi Diamonds won the grand prize at the "Jewelers Choice Award" for best ring design, a jewelry industry annual event recognizing excellent design and innovation in jewelry.  That was the first year Mizrahi decided to submit jewelry for consideration. Visit here to see the nominees  and winners.  

 Mizrahi is proud to offer the finest jewelry and diamonds online with the same quality that they have been known for.  

“Mizrahi diamonds is more than just a business, it’s a heritage”